Composer · Producer · Audio Engineer

Philipp Güntner, Capital P., was born in Ratisbon, Germany.

He started playing saxophone and drums when he was 13 years old and

participated in a local big band. He went to Russia and Brasil for touring and

concerts. His inspiration for music is coming from Soul, Hip Hop, R’n’B and

Trap. Always having an ear and interest for the instrumental part of a song he

decided to start making a beat in the basement of his parents’ home in 2014.

His productions feature a lot of live instruments, synthesizers and vocal

sounds. He is also experimenting with different effects to create

new ideas and innovative sounds.

One of his key features is his clean, wavy, and hard hitting drum sound along

with a big sounding melodic structure and arrangement.

He won the IStandard international producer showcase in July 2015 and

attended IStandard’s Beast Of The Beats in December 2015 in Atlanta.

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In march 2014 he started to work with Ableton.

After a year of mostly sampling and learning the basics of production and

song structure, Capital P. started to work on live sounds with other musicians.

Since last year his productions mostly contain self composed or recorded sounds.

Starting the beginning of 2016, he immersed himself more in mixing and mastering. 

There he made a lot of great connections and got an impeccable insight in the

business. This manifested his dream in pursuing a career in the music industry.

In November 2016 he became a certified audio engineer.

In April 2017 he obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Audio

Production from the SAE Institute in Munich.